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A filha de Adilson atendendo uma cliente.

Adilson and his family own a clothing factory in the district of Jardim Canaã, in São Paulo. At the factory, Adilson works with his wife, his brother and his employees.
They have been always producing items for major brands and since 2013 they started participating in Aventura’s de Construir trainings and receiving specialized mentoring sessions. Adilson’s concern has always been about the big competition in the industry, the pressures for lower profit margins while combining rising costs in production.
Hence, in 2014 Adilson took a different step towards diversifying his business. He started by planning and executing a new project to develop and produce his own brand, outsourcing the designing. In this new line of business, his profit margin reached the double of major brands and now it represents 25% of his total sales.
Besides that, he opened a new point of sale in Brás district, going far from his neighborhood to be able to sell the new brand. With the new brand and the new store, he managed to hire Roseane, his daughter, as a company’s employee.

Alvaro Alves Soares and his construction business